Maybeline Watershine Pure Lipstick Review | (Nude lipstick shade best for tan or darker girls)

It's hard to find a perfect nude shade lipstick for daily basis. I love wearing nude lipstick shade because it is very versatile. In the day we can wear it like how we normally do and in the night, we can wear bold eye make up with nude lipstick. I am a newbie to lipsticks. So, I am highly recommend you guys to start your lipstick with some nude shade perfect for your skin tone as a beginning step to include lipstick in your makeup routine.

Last week, I went to Watson to buy a nude lipstick. I went through all the shelf of different brand. However, the one which really caught my attention is the Maybeline Watershine Pure lipstick. I am using in shade B23. I can recommend for girls who have tan to medium deep skin tone. This nude shade looks best on your lips. This is hands down a good lipstick for newbie to lipstick. I am not a real big fan of lipgloss but I do really love matte shimmery lipstick with some buttery texture which act as a moisturiser for your lipstick especially for winter ( which Malaysia don't really have one.. sob sob ).

As you can see it has a professional and simple packaging.

As I said before I'm using shade number B23. This shade is a perfect nude for tan / medium to medium deep / indian skin tone girls. 

As you can see I wear a lot but with bad attitude.

This is the swatch of the lipstick (first swipe). Look how matte the lipstick is but the best part the buttery texture. It glides really smooth and the colour is pretty opaque, which is good for those who have pigmented lips like mine. It has that beautiful gold shimmery sparkles in the lipstick which really makes nice and natural. Nothing too dramatic. In my opinion this lipstick is quiet affordable which quite beneficial for a university student like me to not to spend tons of money just on the makeups.

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Here are other shades available for Maybeline New York Watershine Pure lipstick

Brand : Maybeline New York

Made in : USA
Shade I'm using : B23
Price : RM 26.90 ( now discount in Watson up to RM 20.80 )
Sold at : Watson / Guardian / SASA and other store where sell makeups.

Pros : - So many shades to choose

          - Smooth to glide on your lips
          - Buttery texture 
          - Pretty opaque
          - Affordable 

Cons : - Don't really last long where need to reapply after have some meal. 

Hope you guys get some informative information from this post. Thank you for reading :)

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