L'oreal Super Liner Impact Felt Eyeliner Review - Perfect for Newbie

For more than 2 years I've been using liquid eyeliner on my eyelids. I've use many different eyeliner that even I can't recall now the brands but just recently like probably 5 months before I'm using the in2it liquid eyeliner to practice my serious eye lining. Ok, you guys get it, I said I've been using liquid eyeliner 2 years on my lids, by this time I am suppose to be "pro". But hey wait! I said that I've use it but not master it. Well, like some people out there, I do have the moments where I saw my old pictures of myself wearing unsatisfactory makeups and thick-crooked eye lining. Sometimes it just make me to crack into laughs that how I do my makeup last time. - Practice Makes Perfect

Recently I've kinda mastered my wink and eye lining skills. I can say I pretty much satisfy with my result now. So, I plan to invest a good eyeliner to start my "proper eye-lining routine" So, I went through google to read the reviews that other people/bloggers saying. I came across some people talked about this L'oreal Super Liner Impact Felt eyeliner in blogs and in Youtube.

So, basically I can call myself as a newbie. "I am still working on it". This L'oreal SuperLiner Impact Felt Eyeliner is the best eyeliner that I've used in my life - at least for now. Let's first talk about the packaging. It has a bold black and gold packaging which is super pretty. I like it how light weight and slim it is. Pretty good for travelling. Until now I don't find any spills out or dripping of the eyeliner which is a good sign. So, overall packaging - thumbs up !

When you open the lid of the eyeliner, so will find the tip of the eyeliner will look like almost like a marker pen. Which is good. Let's talk about the tip in more details shall we ?

As we can see much more closer, the tip of the L'oreal SuperLiner Impact Felt Eyeliner is pretty sharp/pointy and slim., which gives more precision and control to make a thin wink and build up as thick as u want. It is claimed to have a super thin tip. Since, it has the shape of a pencil or marker, you have more precision when you drawing. - Perfect for newbie like me

I swatch two liquid eyeliners that I currently own in my collection. in2it ( eyeliner I bought to practice ) and L'oreal SuperLiner Impact Felt  eyeliner ( current fav )

Can you notice the difference ? huge different right ? in2it is quite thick, watery, uneven but L'oreal is quite intense, thin and sharp, even just in one stroke.  

Brand : L'oreal Paris
Catogory: Drugstore
Made in : China
Shade : Black I mean super black
Price : RM 35.90 (~$11)
Sold at : Watson/ Guardian/ SASA any drugstore that sales makeups

Pros: - Easy to apply
         - Price affordable
         - Travel- friendly
         - Black is quite intense
         - Long Wearing
Cons: - Takes a while to dry the eyeliner
          -  Not a waterproof so it easily smudge if it is contact with water
Will I repurchase : I will but at the same time I would like to explore more good eyeliner than this
Rating : 4 out of 5

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