How to Prevent Mascara from Drying ?

How to prevent clump lashes

I would like to share this quick and easy tips on how to prevent mascara from drying. I published two posts today surprisingly, I would like to share this tips. This tips save my life and I glad that I know this tips. 

Have you ever, come across with drying mascara? If so what you guys do ? Please share with me what you guys do if your mascara is drying. I would like to know. If you guys ask me, all you need is a glass of hot or lukewarm water. I used hot water and your mascara. As you guys can see from above picture, I am using Maybeline's Rocket Mascara. This is my go to mascara. What you need to do is to dip your mascara warn upright into your glass or cup filled with hot/ lukewarm water. Make sure the body of the mascara is dipped into the water not the head. 

I usually do this process before I start to apply my makeup. After I apply all my rest of my makeup, I take the mascara off from the cup, wipe the water off and then finally I use it. 

When I apply the mascara, I feel the product is warm and brand new. I don't feel any dryness. This really can help from our lashes to clump with each other. It feels smooth to apply. So, you don't have to toss your mascara once your mascara drys. 

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