Wonderfood Museum | Penang

From the word "Wonderfood Museum" we can interpret that this museum is going to be about food and before you think, this might be one boring museum exhibits about food in Malaysia. Keep your hopes up, this museum beyond your imagination. Realistic figure of each food that we eat commonly in Malaysia. In Addition, the figure not only looks realistic but also it's huge. The museum is located the corner where the Lebuh Cina and Lebuh Pantai meets. Here are some pictures of my friends and I took when we was there.

This is how the museum looks like from the outside

The ticket for the adult is RM15 but we as a student we just used our student id and mykad and pay RM 9

Wonderfood Museum ticket... My Pink Toe nails thought >-<

This egg yolk fried is located just right in front of the ticket counter and it looks realistic 

Common food that we eat in Malaysia from Char Koay Teow to Briyani Rice

My favourite food of all "Nasi Lemak". Look how realistic is looks. p.s. it is not a real food .. hungry :'(

More common Malaysian food like tosai, capati, satay, chilli crab and many more.
Local desserts ..yum yum 

Typical Indian food. Banana leaf food and how they serve. Ignore the fact that I look horrible and tired in this pic because I am :P

Typical Malay's food and how they serve. 

Typical Chinese food and how they serve. 

There are several rooms like these where it gives us message about food. This room is about food looks when they spoilt.

These room is when food goes out of our control. There are two other rooms be sure to check that out if you visit there. One is if food is colourful and the other one is if food without any discrimination which basically all black and white. 

Just look at the figure. Just imagine how they actually made it. 

These pictures actually show you how the typical food stalls of each races in Malaysia looks like and what kind of food they serve. For your information, we in Malaysia we do buy food from different races every time so there is not such this as being bias here. From top left Malay's breakfast and lunch// down from left chinese shop and indian or mamak stall. 

These is how much food a typical Malaysian consume in a year. 

Ignore the photobombed bags. These is mandarin oranges where we get during Chinese New Year every year.

Local deserts again. This time is onde-onde and kuih ketayap 

Some fun actions that we can do at museum. 

Mee Sua in action

Massive cendol....A very famous food in Penang 

Life is short, so make it sweet

Donut action again

Durian the king of fruit. Whether you like it or not it was fun to take some pictures.

Giant cendol, even bigger from the previous one taller than me. ( I'm 5'5 )

Huge Asam Laksa

Mee Curry

Shark fin soup. The guide said that people cut off the fins from the shark and throw the shark into the ocean back. However, the sharks couldn't survive without their fins which lead them to die. 

Monalisa face made from some nuts and spices

On this table, they prepared the most expensive food in the world from caviar to most expensive pizza and many more.
This is not only the quote we found there are many quotes around the museum

I think the picture is a self-explanatory

Exits from the museum. Yes it is double storey museum.
Hope you like this post. I know this is not the usual beauty post but hope you like this post.. thank you for reading.

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