My Basic Fashion Essential for Medical School & My Dream Closet ft. MakeSpace

If you are been following me through my social medias, you might know I will be joining back my university in just a month. As a student who living in a dorm, I have to bring along a lot of stuff with me for survival. Technically, it's like you carrying your whole life with you to another place.

We tend to bring more things then what we actually need, which happened to me many times during my undergraduate. I am studying in the university which miles away from my parents' house. Therefore, I won't be able to do the 'Capsule Wardrobe' method which is currently trending right now. If you can relate, no matter how you tried to declutter and keep things that you don't need away in your storage but still looking unorganised and cluttered is because you don't have enough space to keep away. This is where MakeSpace comes in. MakeSpace is a company that acts as a secondary closet for you.

You just have to download MakeSpace's app in your phone to request a representative to pick up your things on demand, and they will help you to put it in safekeeping for you until you need them back. This service will be super handy if you are studying abroad where you cannot go back to your home that often. Plus, this is a super duper easy and the cheapest way to declutter your space in your dorm. Click here to see if they're in a location near you. If not don't worry they are expanding their service across the country.

As you might know, I am currently approaching myself into minimalism where I reduce my possession over materialistic things and invest a good quality essentials that I can survive with. Today, I have some of my fashion essentials that I will bringing back to my uni in a month. I find if you are in a medical school, you might need to dress up more professional (formal) so hopefully this post will inspire you. Plus, what is the best way to cull your wardrobe than having your basic necessities.




My dream closet would be simple, luxury and modern. Colour scheme wise black, grey, white with a hint of rose gold here and there. Love natural lighting throughout the room with a little greenery here and there with succulent plants or cacti. Must have a lot of space where I can make it as my office or lounge area for binge-watching Netflix. Have a beautiful chandelier which not too fancy but elegant and modern which light up the whole room beautifully when the sun goes down. Overall, I want my closet beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

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