Top 5 2017 Makeup Trend

Previously in 2016, bold brown lip colour with supermodel contour and highlights were the huge trend. However, this year the makeup trend really differ tremendously.

If you want to know more about 2017 Makeup trend then keep on reading...

Glossy eyelid eyeshadow

With a fine shimerring eyeshadow and clear lipgloss or vaseline you can achieve this look pretty easily. Red, purple, pink or rose gold is a trendy eyeshadow colours for this year (2017).

Go light with your lips

Stay away from your bold lip colours and try out some nudes, light pinks or lipgloss. Try to keep your lip colour really light and glossy.

Flush cheek colour.

Pink and peach blushes are a huge trend this year and try avoid heavy contour on your cheekbones. However, hightlights are still stay on the game this year too.

Graphic eyeliner

Bold eyeliner never go out of style. This year is all about this look and try to go bold with eyeliner instead of very thin natural look. Either cat eye or basic you can achieve this look.

Chrome nails

High shine metallic nail polish is trending this year. If can go for silver, rosegold or red. Be adventurous!

Overall, this year, the makeup trend is pretty no makeup makeup look and feminine. Try out, who knows maybe you will fall in love with these looks. 

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