My Experience at Banyan Spa

I came back to Ipoh for a 2 weeks holiday break last week. Today, as I am typing this post out, my holiday almost coming to an end. During this 2 weeks break, one of my amazing experience was when I visited to Banyan Spa. I always wanted to try body massage but, I don't really have that time to visit a spa. Since, this time I am fortunate enough to get 2 weeks of break, I thought why not I try to have a body massage this time. Of course I googled for the best spa in Ipoh in Google. Many bloggers actually raved about Banyan Spa. I am really curious to see what's with the hype, so I visited to the Banyan Spa. So, after some experience at Banyan Spa, I thought of sharing my experience with my lovely readers.

This is how Banyan Spa main entrance looks like.

Honestly I was quite nervous at first since this is my first time visiting a spa. However, the receptionist does her job pretty well at comforting me. I felt comfortable after some time. First, they gave out their menu.  A good thing about the menu is that it is really clearly stated what is the treatment is about with the gst(tax) included price. So, I told them that I am going to do a basic body massage and a quick manicure. 

They served me a tasty orange juice. After couple of minutes, they called me for the body massage first. They walk me out and brought me to a separate hut in the same area. First, they asked me to soak my feet into a bucket of warm salt water to relax. Then, they gave some clothing for me to change into before head to the sauna. They provide me with shower cap, disposable under garments and a towel to wrap around the body. They kept me in the sauna room for 20 minutes. Honestly I have a claustrophobic and being in a small room with hot steam is not a very good experience, luckily they gave a cold towel to me.  I actually used that towel to cover my face because I felt very phobic at that moment. After that unpleasant 20 minutes,  The lady asked me to take a quick shower. I was provided a special private room with massage bed and a bathroom. In the bathroom I was provided with some good smelling body wash and a tub. Honestly, I never really bath that fancy in my entire life until that moment. After the quick shower, they asked me to remove my bra but wear my underwear before I lay down on the massage bed. I did as they told me and once I lay down they put a blanket over me. At first, they let me smell an essential oil that is burning under my head directly which is really pleasant. They massage my body part by part like from toe to my torso. Honestly, I really thought it would be very awkward for me to lay down naked and let a lady to massage all over my body, but actually I don't really feel anything. It is not that bad, I felt really relaxed and very comfortable. After a 90 minutes of body massage, I felt really good. Actually the main reason I went to a body massage is because my thigh is quite thick due to water retention. After the massage I already felt my thighs are much more light and the size reduced.

BODY MASSAGE (Serenity De Paris)

Where it is?  : Opposite Heritage Hotel along Jalan Raja Dihilir
Price :  RM 180
Will I recommend? : Yes
Rating : 4 / 5
Check out : Banyan Spa Website

After the body massage, they brought me upstairs to do my manicure. I have done my pedicure there before. Really my feet before I did my pedicure was horrible. Now my feet looks for human like 😂😂😂😂 . If you wanted cute nail art or design, then this is not a right place for you to have your manicure or pedicure. Honestly, I think the price for manicure and pedicure is not worth the result. Although they are using O.P.I nail polish which last for quite some time, there is nothing really different if you are able to paint your nail like a pro by yourself. They just applied a simple coat of nail polish with base and top coat. That's all my lovely readers. My experience at Banyan overall is pretty warm hearted. Their customer service is really on point and If you planning to do body massage or any other treatment I think they are doing a great job on that. However, if you are planning to just do manicure and pedicure, I am pretty sure there are many other nail saloon to check out in Ipoh. 

The place to do pedicure and manicure


Where it is?  : Opposite Heritage Hotel along Jalan Raja Dihilir
Price : RM 46 (Manicure only)  
Will I recommend? : Nope
Rating : 2 / 5
Check out : Banyan Spa Website

After all, at the end of the session they serve a very delicious cake and tea which is my favourite part from all... :)

The waiting area after the sessions complete.

They served with delicious cake and tea.

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