Best Anti- Ageing Product | Gobdigoun Skincare Line Review

Hey, it's been a long time since I've updated my blog. I was busy in the past weeks with my school. Finally, I have another skincare brand review for you guys to check out. A few months back, I received a parcel from Gobdi Goun, a luxury skincare brand from Seoul, Korea. So, today, I will give you my honest opinion on this skincare line. 

If you want to know what I think about this products then keep on reading... 


I've never seen any skincare product with this luxurious looking packaging. I feel I'm a queen or something. The packaging is really sturdy and nice for display on your vanity. You get what you paid for which I will come to it later. 


24K Placenta Power Golden Cream (~ RM 453)

This is a very powerful anti-ageing cream. It is made of from natural placenta of sheep from Australia with 47% of pure gold. Besides, anti-aging properties, they also help in toxin absorption, moisturizing and stabilizes the skin fatigue. The cream itself has real gold flakes and when you rub it into your skin it will leave your skin hydrated and radiant. This product does work for me over the night because of it's intense ingredient. However, I am still young to use such a powerful anti-ageing cream on myself, so I gave this cream to my mom to try it out and she said she does saw some differences on her skin. 

Aging Corrector Skin Milk line  ( brand new launch )

Both of the products do work amazingly. However, I do notice that the product is really thick, so you just need 1 pump for your entire face. I use this facial lotion before I go to bed at night and make sure you clean your face with pore cleanser face wash in the next morning. This product can settle into your pores and can cause you breakout if you don't clean your face thoroughly. 

Placenta Power Aging Corrector Eye Cream (~RM 377)

I use this eye cream before I wear my makeup. This does reduce the visible line under my eyes whenever I use this. So far, this is my most favourite product from this skincare line. This eye cream absorbs into my skin completely and leaves my undereye smooth for me to get ready with my makeup routine. 

Placenta Cellulose Gel Mask (~ RM 453)

The mask is made from the sheep placenta too which is high in the amino acids and peptides which has amazing hydrating properties. This mask helps to maintain and improve your skin elasticity. I notice my skin looking fresh and bouncy after I use this mask on myself. 

Water Balloon Whitening Mask Pack (~ RM 170)

The mask is rich in vitamin B3 which helps to nourish your skin leaving smoother and brighten your complexion. Of course, this mask doesn't change my complexion but it does brighten up my dullness and reduces my suntan. 

Water Balloon Aqua Mask Pack (~RM 170)

After I wore this face mask, I realize my skin look really hydrated and rejuvenated. This mask is rich in Hydralounate which helps in hydrating the skin. 

3D Black Science Pore Tightening Mask (~RM 170)

This mask is really amazing for tightening your pores. The diamond powder helps to remove the keratin on the surface of the skin and cleanses skin 6 times stronger than the charcoal. This mask helps to absorb any waste and heavy metals accumulated in the weary skin which helps to improve the elasticity of the skin. 

If you are a person who not a fan of using animal-based products then this skincare line might not be your favourite. Other than that, these products work wonderfully. However, this product can be really hard to get in Malaysia but you still can visit their website here to check them out. I also want to address the price range is really high since it is a luxury brand skincare line. If you can afford them, then these products are really worth your money because it does work. 


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