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How many of you are a fan of wearing ring? Raise your hand !! I myself love to wear ring too. However, ring can be really expensive especially the beautiful engagement and wedding rings. Have you ever wonder what is actually difference between the engagement ring and the wedding ring. Well, if you have no idea, you came to right place now. I'm going to tell you what's the difference between those two rings and tell you do you really need both ? 

Please keep on reading to know more about the difference between the wedding ring and engagement ring ...

What is an engagement ring? 

An engagement ring is given to someone during marriage proposal. This ring will usually worn on the 4th finger next to the pinky finger. This ring indicates that she is committed to her partner. Usually engagement ring can vary from their extravagance and their price. Most of the time, the engagement ring looks more grand than the actual wedding ring. Most common type of engagement ring you can find on the market is with gemstone or the diamond. Click the link to buy some beautiful gemstone rings and diamond rings . 

rose gold emerald engagement rings 
 rose gold moissanite engagement 

rose gold morganite engagement ring  

Then what is a wedding ring?

A wedding ring a ring that will exchanged with their partner during the wedding ceremony. As I said before, wedding ring are traditionally more simple and elegant than the engagement rings. Both partner will wear their rings in the 4th finger next to the pinky finger which is the same finger as for the engagement ring. Due to the engagement ring placed on the same finger as the wedding ring. The brides will remove it and wear it on their right hand temporarily for the sake of the wedding ceremony and wear it back by stacking it with one and another. Honestly, who will have the heart to remove their beautiful engagement ring from their finger? not me!

These below pictures on how a wedding ring looks like.

So, the final question is do a person need both of these rings ? 

Well, it comes down to the couple budget and preference. If you ask me, I would recommend to get them both since you always can find a beautiful engagement ring for affordable price. Besides that, the engagement ring will always look flashier and extravagant on the brides hand compared to wedding. Anyhow, your engagement always carries the lovely memory of your proposal, so why not spend a little money to get one for her/ him? It's worth it. 

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