Wet n Wild Colour Icon | Rosé In The Air Review ( NC 43 - NC 45 / Dark skin edition )

Hey guys, today I was very excited to receive this parcel. I have been eyeing on the Wet n Wild Colour Icon palette especially the Rosé in the Air palette. However, whenever I went to the store like SASA where Wet n Wild usually sell in Malaysia always out of stock. Therefore, I ordered via their official website and I got it within 2 business day.

If you want to know what is my thought on this palette then keep on reading...


The packaging is pretty basic made of plastic. It doesn't have any significant weight to it. However, I do come across with an issue. The sticker is hard to pull off and if you pill it off it tends to leave a sticky residue on the plastic. I hate the fact the residue that left was on the front of the palette. I believe the palette size is almost the same size of iPhone 5. Inside the palette, we have 10 pans, with 2 "transitional" shades and 2 shimmery shades ( one is gold and another one is bronze with purple undertone ). The rest are matte shades. Each colour doesn't have respective names but they have numbered them. The numbering details are at the back of the palette. 

Texture / Formula

The texture of the eyeshadows is mostly powdery. Therefore, you can expect some fall out action going on. To my surprise, the texture of the eyeshadow varies according to its shade. The darker shade (6,7,8,9 ) tend to be drier and pigmented compared to the lighter and shimmery shade. However, The darker shades (7,9) is my favourite because they are really pigmented and very blendable and not patchy. However, the dark shade of ( 6, 8 ) tends to be patchy. The transition shades, in my opinion, does not meet my expectation because they are really powdery and ashy on my skin tone (nc45). For my liking, transition shade should be buttery and very blendable but these two shades don't do it for me in that way.


The smell of the eyeshadows kind of smell like a watercolour paint. It is really weird but not bothering while using them.


It is a really affordable palette. It costs me RM 30.00. However, since I ordered them online they charged shipping price which is RM 8.00. So in total, I paid RM 38.00 for this palette.

Is this palette is brown skin approve?

Well, you can't use the palette exactly like they have shown in the back of the product if you have a darker complexion like me. It can be a bummer for the beginners. If you are having medium deep to deeper skin tone, the colours that you use will be limited. For my skin tone which NC43- NC45 (depends on how tan I got), I would use the colour number - 2 (browbone highlight), 3&5 (shimmery shade but if you use with fix+ it would be even better), darker shades (6,7,8,9). For transition shade, I will use number 6. I feel that I do need black or even darker brown to smoke out the eye makeup.

Special Note to take home

Guys one more thing, this eyeshadows does not show up really well and blend really well if you don't use concealer or eyeshadow base on your eyelid prior to applying the shadows. Make sure apply concealer and eyeshadow base for the best result. Besides that please clean your brushes in between the application or use new brushes for new application for best result. If you use uncleaned brush the eyemakeup will end up looking muddy. 


  • Affordable 
  • Pigmented 
  • Trendy Eyeshadow Colours
  • Perfect for everyday use ( can go natural or glam )
  • Light and easy for travelling
  • Easily available (website or SASA in Malaysia )
  • Nicely blend if you wear a base underneath


  • No mirror and brush provided
  • Some colours are ashy for darker skin tone (to know what are the shades pls refer to above post)
  • Fallout Fallout Fallout
  • Very Powdery not buttery ( the fuschia shade is stiff and applies patchy )
  • Eye primer or concealer needed as a base for the powdery eyeshadows to adhere to. 
  • Need to build the pigmentation except for (6, 7, 8, 9, 10) 


1. I have used the transition shade number 10 in my crease 
2. Then I build up the intensity of my crease colour with first number 6 and then with number 7 
3. Next, I used a clean fluffy brush to blend the harsh edges 
4. Then, I added shade number 9 on outer 3rd of my eyelid and work it into my crease
5. I blend the edges again with the clean fluffy brush
6. Finally, I added some concealer again on my inner 3rd of my eye and apply the shimmery shade number 3 onto it then apply shade number 2 in the inner corner of the eye and under the browbone. 

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