Summer Nail Colour

Hello beautiful ! Today we going to talk about summer nail colour. I know it is too late to update about summer, but anyways this colours don't get out of the trend. Summer is all about olaf.. no I'm just kidding it is about the bright colours like yellow sun, blue sea and not to forget about nail colours. We can paint our nails in neon colours or crazy bright colours like orange and yellow. Try to avoid glitter nail colour and pale colours. Try to stick with bright colours and warm colours. Nail block, nail art and colour contrast technique are hot for this summer.

I've painted my nails in colour contrast technique. I've painted bright pink colour in my all four
nails except my ring finger which I painted a bright neon orange colour. 

These are the nail polish that I used. Left : bright pink; Sasatinnie (Japanese brand nail polish)
Right: L&L bright neon orange nail colour.

I bought these nail polishes from SASA. I am happy with these nail polish and the quality is not bad. It lasted on my nails for more a week. The pigmentation is satisfied. 

Besides that, this summer nail gel is very popular. Definitely try to check out Sally Hansen's nail gel. Sally Hansen is an amazing product for nail polishes. 
Sally Hensen's gel nail polish.

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