101 about Contact Lenses

Hello beautiful ! Today I going to share about 101 contact lenses. Usually people wear these contact lenses for beauty purpose or for vision purpose. Not everyone will look great in their glasses on, but if you do?, girl ! you are lucky.

Me wearing this glasses from Lee Cooper "not attractive"
Let's talk about lenses. There are two different lenses that we all know. ;

Coloured Lenses

Transparent lenses

Sometimes, even myself I feel uncomfortable wearing lenses for a long time, because I tends to feel dry, sticky or sometimes irritated. My eyes tends to look very red
Me wearing Toric coloured lenses in shade of hazel
These is actually because my eyes is hypertonic to contact lenses. I know ! I know ! Science !! but just be real, hypertonic eyes like mine tends to absorb moisture from my lenses and leave my eyes dry and so to the lenses itself. However, most of the people are gifted with normal eyes.

But girl! Don't be sad cause there is always a solution in this world. Try to find contact lenses which made for dry eyes like mine or yours or anyone that you know. Try to talk to the opticians and figure out a perfect contact lens for you.


How Do You Wear Contacts 

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