Kuku Spa, Ipoh Review

So, my long semester break is going to come to an end. Before I head back to my University, I need to do my pedicure. I used to do my manicure and pedicure at Banyan Spa before this. This time, I thought of trying to do my pedicure at a different place. Like everyone, I did the google search for the best pedicure in Ipoh and Kuku ( Nails in Bahasa Malaysia) Spa popped up and I read through some reviews and most of them are positive.

So, today I wanted to share with you my experience in Kuku Spa the nail salon in Ipoh. First of all, the workers are really friendly and although I didn't set an appointment (since this is my first time), they are kind enough to let me do first.

So, the overall experience is really comfortable and nice. They did my nails really well and really detailed. I've done before in another place. Compared to Kuku Spa they did nothing really much. I always recommend to check out a different place to do your nails or hair rather than sticking to one place.

The price wise is pretty ok compared to my previous nail spa. In Kuku Spa, I did my classic pedicure which consists of removing my callus, clean my toe nails, buffer and shaping and apply some OPI polish. The classic pedicure is RM 50 and if I'm not mistaken the classic manicure is RM 35. They also provide express manicure and pedicure they are around 20 ringgit ish. I couldn't remember. I recommend you to tell them clearly what you wanted to do, if you are just going to do express pedicure then tell them clearly because they are quite fast with their service and if you forget to tell them that, they will end up doing the classic pedicure on you. They also recommend to call them to make an appointment because sometimes the nail salon can be really busy, so it's always good to make an appointment to avoid any waiting. For my classic pedicure, it took around 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete. I felt really satisfied with their service and I definitely see myself going back to Kuku Spa again in the near future.

They cut my toe nails first 

Then, they shape them 

Conditioning my cuticles

They scrub my leg to remove any dead skin

They also gave an aromatherapy massage 

Drying my nails 

They finally serve me a cup of tea when my nails are drying

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