Want Baby Butt Skin ?

Hello beautiful ! I just received this amazing 5 in 1 beauty care massager and I've been using this good ol' stuff  about 2 weeks now. I personally think this stuff works amazing. This amazing face massager have five types of exfoliator in the packaging itself, that means no additional purchasing for the exfoliator.

The complete set of 5 in 1 messenger 
5 in 1 Beauty Care Massager comes with 5 different types of exfoliator 

Now I'm going to into details about each exfoliator 


I use this make up sponge exfoliator to apply my cleanser to my face, but in the instruction said it is for massage and clean your skin.


I use this exfoliator as my deep exfoliator. This is really good in removing dead skin and rough skin too. After I use this exfoliator my face looks more smoother. Well, in the instructor it says that crude polish is an accessory to rip the tough skin.


After I apply my cleanser using my make up sponger exfoliator, I use my roller massager to massage my cleanser to make sure it penetrate through my skin. In the instruction says that it will make blood circumstances from skin ageing. Meaning that if we use this our blood flow will circulate better under the skin at the face and prevent wrinkle and any other sign of ageing. 


I use this soft brush exfoliator as my cleaning brush after massage into my face, I splash water on my face and use this brush to wash and exfoliate my face. However, in the instruction given it says that this soft brush will clear up all scurf clings on the surface of our skin. 


I don't really use this exfoliator because I personally don't really know why I didn't use it. Anyhow, in the instruction it says that it is for eye and check massaging. 

I use this beauty care massager alternate days. If you guys interested buying this 5 in 1 beauty care massager you can click here. I bought this for MYR 23.00

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