5 Wearable Autumn / Winter Makeup Trend 2014

wearable fall and winter trend 2014

Hey gorgeous, in today topic, we going to talk about 5 wearable Autumn / Winter Trends for this year (2014). Although I personally leaving in Malaysia, where only rain and sunshine throughout the year. I personally like to rock some winter, spring, summer or autumn trending makeups. No harm right? After reading some magazines and do some research I get to know that this year Autumn / Winter trend is not about lipstick. Which made me disappointed. So, what's exactly this year Autumn / Winter trends are ?

1) Bronze or Nude Lipstick

This year is not about dark bold lipstick. It is nude and bronze (brown). Try to wear some perfect nude shade or brown for this winter / autumn. Make sure you exfoliate your lips with some olive oil and sugar (sugar scrub). This will leave your lips exfoliated and soft. Plus, if you do this sugar scrub before you apply your lipstick, your lipstick will glide smoothly and last for longer time. Apply clear lip balm before applying your matte dry formula lipstick. If you use moisturise formula lipstick, then you can skip your lip balm. The main idea here is to try to keep your lips as moisturise as possible to avoid and dryness.  If you want a well moisturise and matte nude lipstick click here

2) Well contoured face with natural glow

Try to avoid blusher and stick with bronzer and highlighter for this autumn and winter. Most probably your face will look a bit pale in the winter especially. Try to apply bronzer and sculpt your face well to give more warmth and definition for your face. Apply some highlighter on the highest point of your face where the sun actually hits to bring your face to healthy glow and more alive.

3) Eyebrows

A well groomed eyebrow always works well. Try to groom your eyebrow well and do your eyebrow neatly. Follow the natural shape of your eyebrow and just try to be neat and natural as possible in that part.

4) Bold eye makeup

This year is not about lipstick as I said before, It is about the eyes. Try to wear bold cobalt blue or purple or black for your eyes. If you want some lighter colour option try orange, lime, teal is in trend right now. The bolder the better. Speaking about bold try to wear fake eyelashes. Fake lashes is in trend for this year autumn and winter too. If you gifted with long lashes, lucky you. Just skip it. Lashes extension are in style now so if you interested you can go ahead do that too. As long you have some good long voluminous lashes. Apply generous coat of your favourite mascara on your lashes. For eyeliner, try to avoid because lashes is all in trend right now. If you still want wear eyeliner, try to wear on the your upper rim of your eye. Try to avoid applying on your lower water line. If you want to that oomph try to wear white or nude liner on your water line and apply some bright shadow and liner on your inner corner ducts to brighten up your eyes and give more light.

5) Ballerina buns and waves

For hair ballerina buns are back in the trend. This year it is all about effortless. So try to do a efforless high ballerina buns for this autumn and winter. If you don't have long hair to create a bun, try a waves on your short to medium length hair (or long hair too) . Look how Taylor Swift rocks her short hair. This year it is all about ballerina buns and waves.

*disclaimer the photographs above is not mine. I just use those photograph to show examples. 

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