How to control your budget on your Make up ?

How to control budget on makeups?

Are you going to go to college in no longer time ? Or you just want to cut down your budget on buying your makeups. Here are some tips on how to control your budget on your makeups. So, in no longer time I will head to college to continue my studies. What would I consider before buying makeups ? First, budget obviously and second time to apply. Probably I wouldn't have time for my makeups in the morning everyday. Maybe I didn't finish my homework or I have a test to cover last minute. However, it is always better to do your make up faster right ? 

Probably you all will wondering why I am talking about time instead of budget. Right? Trust me the faster you do your make up sometimes reduce your budget to spend on your makeup. The time here I am not talking about like 3 minutes Makeup challenge all. What I mean is you need less product to spend your makeup. By doing this, automatically you can lower your budget on your makeup. Right? All you need to do is to embrace your skin. If you have already good skin don't waste time do your foundation. If you have one try to fix that, instead do your makeup everyday to your class like a makeup artist. Anyway you go to class to study try to save time for that. 

1) Invest a good product

Always invest money on good product. Don't buy counterfeit products or cheap one too. Try to invest money on good products because it can give your beautiful result and can last long where you don't have to get another one because you are not satisfied on the earlier one. This really can waste your money. It's ok to buy one expensive product that gives you amazing result and you know you will use it often rather than buying a tons of  cheap/ counterfeit products which you regret and don't use it. 
Another tip I can give here is you can always google some review on the products that you wanted to buy. It is always nice to look in commercial right? By reading those reviews you can actually know the true colours of the products.  

2) Try to buy product that you really want not for the sake of trend.

Trends comes and goes seamlessly. Make sure you are not fooled if you are on your budget. Try to buy products that you will use everyday through out the year. Don't buy just because it is on the trend. There are only certain shades lipstick you want to try. I don't think so you need spend on black or blue lipstick for your college. One very versatile lipstick colour would be nude. Try to find a perfect nude shade for your skin tone. Try to search in google or watch videos in Youtube to gain knowledge on find perfect nude. 

3) Buy makeup for your skin not because of necessity

I personally don't wear foundation just because I believe that my skin is pretty okay. Don't be shock if I say I don't wear anything on my face. I don't wear foundation, bb cream, cc cream, powder on my face if I go to class. I always like my skin to be bare. - embrace your skin. Try to study what you want want to cover on your skin. Is it only your dark circles? If so, try to spend a good concealer to cover that bad boy up. I recommend Revlon ColorStay concealer because it is quite affordable and have good quality too. If you have pigmented lips, try to invest a good opaque lipstick rather than cheap one which fades very easily and makes your lips even worse than before. 

4) Always try before buy.

You probably toss in the trash if the foundation or any product is not your fav or doesn't suit your complexion. I'm highly recommend you to try before you buy and makeup products eventhough you read the reviews in net. By end of the day, you the one need to use. Don't just buy just because the makeup girl at that counter recommend you. Whether you know or dunno, you still need to try on you before you get one. 

5) Buy a small makeup pouch 

What? buy a small makeup pouch going to save my budget? yes my dear. This small guy will help you to save your budget on your makeups. Just like dieting, small plate helps you to control the amount of food you can loose weight. If you have smaller makeup pouch, you tend to spend less product to buy to fill up that pouch. Plus, by doing this it really helps you to save time in the morning to get ready to class. 

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