Watsons Anti- Aging Night Cream

I'm back with another review after so long time. I was busy with my college preparation which I will go no longer in time. Today I'm going to do a review on the Watsons Anti- aging Night cream. This cream is come with a deep red plastic container which clearly sold at Watsons ( a local drugstore in Malaysia and other different countries if I'm not mistaken). I bought this cream from Watson RM 11.94 but the original price is actually RM 19.90 ( SO CHEAPPP !! for a night cream ?)
This product claims that:

It is formulated with Derma peptide Complex to help fight against the sign of aging and reduce wrinkles. It also contain Sheer Butter and Omega Complex to restore your skin moisture, protect from free radical damage as well as improve skin elasticity. With Rosa Multiflora Fruit Extract, it helps prevent dryness and sagging while minimising the appearance of pores. Your skin will become soft and hydrated the next morning.

As far as intrigue this product claims itself, next morning my face is just left with irritating itchiness.  I'm not sure what makes my skin itchy until I skipped this night cream for a night. The next morning, I don't feel itchy. Then, I realised that my skin itchy the next morning only when I applied this night cream. I feel disappointe because when I first applied this cream, my face look bouncy and soft to be honest. I also felt that my skin looks radiant and glowing and looking youthful. 

However, this night cream just showed some positive result for quite some times, the longer I used this night cream the more side effect I encountered. First of all, the irritating itchiness every morning after I applied this cream the night before. I was not so concern about the itchiness at first because silly me thought this is just a reaction to make my skin better. However, I started to concern when tiny little pimple like show up on my face. I never had experience something like that before. I immediately stopped using this product after this. I am not sure whether I'm having sensitive skin, but still you can find a better night cream that this one . I'm disappointed with this product. 

Overall Rating : 1.5 / 5 
Will I purchase again : Definitely, not 


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