What you should think before you apply to college ?

Don't be a fooled by the universities names. I know in Malaysia, the society label you by which university you are from . Don't get influence by that. Don't think if you studying in college A means you are smart or in college B you are rich or in college C you are just an average. Remember, each university has it own pros and cons.
Maybe the best uni don't have a good chemistry lecturer. In an normal college have all excellent lecturers. Just don't get fooled by just the name and how the society label those universities. I always recommend  you to do a lot of research in the internet or just go visit the campus itself and talk to the marketing department to make admission. 

Always decide your course first before you decide your university. I think many people are making this mistake. They get so excited after graduating high school where they just intrigue by the beautiful and luxury campus without considering the course they want to pursue later. Make sure you decide what you want to study first. Whether it is business, pharmacy, medicine, graphic designer or accountant, always follow your heart and decide for yourself but not for anyone. 

Decide whether you want to stay in your home or at dorm. If you decided living in a dorm, make sure consider about the distance between your campus and your home. It will be easier for you to live near your home. However, if you okay staying far from your home means good for you. Just remember, living in the dorm is not fancy and you need to be independent and manage your time and money wisely. I said this is not to scare you, but help you prepare mentally. 

Universities can be expensive most of the time. Really depends on your course. Although college A and college B have the same course, but both has different tuition fee ( yes in university we call it tuition for the classes ). You might need to consider if you want to keep your university expenses in budget. 

The last thing I want to tell you is just don't expect too much. Since you are just about to enter into your university life, don't expect something like in movie or in your imagination. Apart from being social and having fun life in your campus, make sure your first priority should be on the education. Always remember the reason you entering into university. In the beginning you might feel overwhelm seeing new friends and enjoying new campus life, but just keep your mind clear about education comes first. 

I wishing all the best for the SPM students and hope this tips help you decide your future path. All the best :) 

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