Maybeline Crayonliner Eyeliner Review

I just ran out my old eyeliner pencil so I went to guardian near my house to grab a black eyeliner for the dinner that I will be going in a few hours. So, I grab on this eyeliner. Maybelline's crayon liner in black. Good thing it is cheap so that really convinced me to grab that one.

After I use this pencil for several times, I finally want to do a review on this eyeliner.

Overall opinion :

Packaging: Cheap and not appealing  

Pigmentation : Very black and very pigmented. ( love it !)

Texture : It claims the name crayon here. It has creamy texture I love it. 

Waterproof : Yes 

Smudge-proof : Not that bad... but can be better 

Price : Cheap 

Long lasting : Yes can be last long if you don't rub your eyes 

What actually I don't like about this eyeliner:

Okay speaking real here, I am contact lens wearer. I don't think this eyeliner is suitable for tight-lining your eyes especially when you have sensitive eye and contact lens wearer like me. I personally experience my eyes get irritated whenever I apply this eyeliner. I took the risk because it is just for dinner but obviously I would not wear this as everyday wear. This eyeliner literally, makes my eyes stinging and watery.

On the other hand, like me I usually use this as my normal eyeliner just close to my lash line ( not tight-lining). The tip of the eyeliner pencil get blunt easily especially due to its creamy texture. You might need to sharp every time when you use to line your eyes, if you want your eye lining to be thin and neat. Obviously this really going to waste the product so much and you going to end up with tiny little eyeliner pencil in just 1 or 2 months.

Price : RM 13- RM 15 ( between this ringgit since I can't really remember the exact price )
Where can you buy this ? : Guardian / Watson
Rating : 2 / 5
Will I purchase it again ? : Nope, I will find a better eyeliner with hypoallergenic preferably for my sensitive eyes.

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