How to stop Procrastinating

1. Make a To- Do- List
By making a  to- do- list, you will make sure you don't miss out any of your important work. Besides that, you will have a rough idea how many tasks you have to go through and how much time it will consume. By doing that, you can plan your agenda of your week without stressing yourself. 

2. Switch off your devices
We tend to procrastinate scrolling  through our Instagram and Twitter. We don't realise how much time we actually spending just by doing that. By end of the day, you can't complete all your work and you screwed up yourself. Just to prevent this to happen, make sure you switch off any kind of devices or at least put them in airplane mood just to avoid any distraction.

3. Comfortable Work Space
Make sure you do your work at the place you feel comfortable. Some people like myself, feel comfortable to do our work on desk while some people prefer lounging on their couch or their bed while doing their work. No matter what, comfort is the key here. Besides that, you can always can open your window for ventilation and natural lighting or light up a candle and play a good music to company yourself. 

4. Learn to prioritize
Finish up the work which is really important and have to hand out on the nearest due date. You can write down the due dates of your work on the to do list itself just to make sure you don't miss out any important work.

5. Reward yourself 
Don't forget to reward yourself for being a very productive that day. It is always right to give ourself a reward after a hectic day working or studying. You can go for a shopping, or lounging at Starbucks or even go for a movie. No matter what, always love of yourself. 

I really hope that I delivered my ideas on How to Procrastination which would help some of you out there. Thanks for reading my post and Good Luck. 


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