My Experience at the new AEON Sri Klebang, Ipoh

Recently I came back to Ipoh for my semester holiday. The place I really wanted to visit for this holiday was AEON Sri Klebang. This is the third AEON they opened in Ipoh. I'm glad that finally we have several new stores available for Ipohites to shop like H&M, Brands Outlet and many more. I'm very excited to visit to the new AEON and today in this post I would like to share my experience on the new AEON Sri Klebang.

First of all, my first impression on the new AEON Sri Klebang is huge. It is huge and the mall has a lots of small outlets. Therefore, you have many places to shop. Like most of the mall, there are 3 floors and you are provided with both lifts and escalators. Okay, now let's speak about the interior of the mall. When comparing to the other two AEON, this AEON wins the best interior. Since it is new, it is modern and well designed. However, the only down side about this AEON is the space provided for people to sit and enjoy their meal at food court. I don't get a chance to eat my Sushi King there because the place was crowded and I have to wait a very long queue outside the Sushi King. Speaking of Sushi King, it is very small, extremely small that it doesn't look like a Sushi King. Other than that it is fine.

There are pretty much fashion outlets. The brand new H&M, Cotton On, Esprit, Mango (for now it is not open yet)  and Brands Outlet are now available in Ipoh at AEON Sri Klebang. Brands Outlets pricing are much more cheaper compared to H&M. But I manage to get some items from both of the stores. Not only these stores, there are many other clothing outlets there in this AEON. However, my favourite place to buy my clothes are Padini Concept Store which is not in this AEON.

There are quite some places to shop for beauty stuffs. There are Body Shop, Kiehls', SASA (which I couldn't discover there yet ) and many more. Besides that, I saw guardian where it is local drugstore where sells tons of cosmetics also. Surprisingly, I couldn't spot Watson there where I always buy my makeups there.  I really hope that M.A.C and Nars available very soon in Ipoh. Besides that, there are many places to park your cars and motorcycles. However, that place tends to get a little bit of traffic since the mall is new. Make sure you go on the right time to avoid the traffic.

Overall I think that AEON Sri Klebang is the best place to shop for clothing. It is also a nice place to eat but make sure you get a place since it can be crowded sometimes. I can't really pick on one best AEON since each one of it has it pluses and minuses. However, I think AEON Sri Klebang is a nice place and it is a haven for shopping clothes.

update *** yeeehhhh for AEON Klebang they opened the first Sephora in Ipoh. 

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