Rule of thumb to choose your foundation like a PRO!!? for Indian and Dark skin

Foundation isn't really necessary to wear every single day, for those who have good skin. However, if you want to glam up for any special occasion, foundation can come in handy for the flawless makeup look. But, today we are talking about the basics you need to know before you purchase any foundation for yourself. There are basically three general rules before purchasing any foundation at least for myself,  so today in this post I'm going to share with you guys how I choose my foundation. If you guys wanted to know then keep on reading;

#1 Know you shade
Whether you are fair, medium or deep, you surely can find a foundation for your skin tone. However, many brands at least in Malaysia, it's hard to find shades from drugstore like Watson, Guardian or even SASA sometimes. Click here to read my rant on this issue. This is so frustrating and unfair for girls or man ("hey it's 2016, come on) who are in colour. However, for people who have similar skin tone like your truly ( btw i'm nc 44 - 45 in MAC ), you surely can find foundations that matches your skin tone in High- end cosmetic ranges. ( like; MAC, Bobbi Brown, Makeup Forever, Nars, Smashbox, Estee Lauder, Stilla, Tarte ). Don't choose something that is really light for skin which shows up really bad in person leaving a grey cast on your face  and worst when comes to photography especially flash photography. It is still apologetic if you have one shade darker foundation where you can work with it using baking method and highlight. Also know whether you are warm, cool or neutral undertone.

#2 Know your skin type
There are three types of skin. Dry, Normal or Oily Combination, Oily skin. Know what your foundation can benefit you. People who have dry skin you are best to go with foundation which going to hydrate your skin like the Estee Lauder's Futurist Aqua Brilliance - , If you have Combination skin like me, you probably can go with most of the foundation but keep in mind if you have trouble with your T- Zone, best use primer under your foundation or just stick with foundation for combination-oily skin (Revlon colorstay 12 hours for combination skin) or oily skin type which brings me to next one. Oily skin type should actually look for more matifying and oil controlling properties in their selecting foundation. This prevents them to look like a grease ball and melts your foundation from your face. Read the label on the bottle carefully before you put your hands on that foundation. "Is this formula is really for me ? Ask yourself."

#3 Know the finish of the foundation
I personally enjoy matte or natural finish foundation Click here for natural foundation review. Some people like the dewy glow on their face through out the day like Estee Lauder's Double Wear All Day Glow . (disclaimer: not sponsored) Remember, people who are oily skin type try to stay away from the foundation that gives you dewy glow because you just going to end up like a grease ball at the end of the day. Besides that, know your foundation actually can oxidise which is another important tip. Foundation can react to our skin and gives varies in result. Sometimes foundation react to your skin oil and gives you the "humppa loomppa" orange face. Some foundation oxidise and leaves a shade darker on your face. Before you splurging on any foundation, it is best to ask for a sample or test it out and walk for little while around the mall or the store and come back to check whether your foundation react to your skin or oxidise.

Hope this post help some of you who are wishing to incorporate foundation in your makeup routine . Do you have any tips that you can share ? If you have, make sure to leave a comment down just share among our beauty community. Thank you x0x0

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