You are not suppose to use orange to colour correct

Colour correcting is been a hot trend in internet for quite sometimes now. However, this technique was using by many makeup artist before we all know about it through internet now. Colour correcting is basically to colour correct and flaws on your face like undereye dark circle, scar, pimples, hyperpigmentation and many more based on the spectrum of colour wheel. Well what the heck is that? I got you guys !! In spectrum of colour wheel we have ;

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As you can see the colour wheel our dark circle usually blue black (6) where the opposite of that colour is orange (12). That means for our under eye dark circle we colour correct orange colour. But we really have to use orange to colour correct our dark circle? We will discuss about that in a while. Usually for fair skin, the pimple usually have the colour pink like the colour (10) , therefore, we have to use green colour (4) which is the opposite of the pink colour to colour correct to eliminate the appearance of the pimple completely by makeup. However, if we want to eliminate the flaws like undereye dark circle, pimple or etc we have to use the right colour to colour correct. Let me ask you do we have to use orange to colour correct our dark circle or hyper pigmentation? No not for everyone.

Different skin tone have to use different range of orange based on their intensity of their skin tone. Like from (pink > salmon / peach > orange > dark orange / red) 

Fair : Pink 
Medium to medium deep : Salmon / peach
Deep : Orange 
Rich Deep : Dark orange / red 

Make sure to use the right range of orange to colour correct based on your intensity of your skin tone for the best colour correct result. If you use the wrong colour you will end up looking orange and your dark circle, pimple or hyper pigmentation and it doesn't help you to cover it. 

I bought my concealer palette from MAC in its darkest shade since I am nc 45 in MAC, so I get an orange corrector in that palette. Since orange coloured corrector is too intense for my skin tone, I mixed with a concealer from that palette itself which is a shade lighter which have pink undertone to it to give me a nice salmon colour for my perfect shade. 

Hopefully this short post from me help some of you out there, make sure don't use orange for your under eye dark circle or hypermentation unless you have deep skin tone.

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