My Arthroscopy experience and I am going to medical school !

"I don't really often  put up any personal stories on my blog because I think my audience have no interest to read them, but anyhow, today I am feeling like sharing what is actually happening in my life currently on blog."

"...When I am typing out this post, my mom is inf hospital to do her knee surgery (arthroscopy). I am just feeling lonely and I started to feel like blogging to kill my time."

My Arthroscopy Experience
About 5 months ago, I did my knee surgery (arthroscopy) at my local hospital. When the doctor actually looked my x- ray and ask me to undergo a surgery to remove the uneven meniscus in my knee, I honestly freaked out. I really felt terrified because I never experience surgery in my life. When I admitted in the hospital, they checked me and quickly on that day I got admitted, I did my operation. After operation, my leg felt so heavy and the doctor asked me to not move from my bed. I had a hard time going to the restroom and I felt so vulnerable at that moment. Thank goodness my mom accompanied me while I am in the hospital. The second day, I felt much better because I asked the doctor to remove the ice pack as well as the bandage so I feel much more comfortable. After he removed the bandage, I am able to walk ever so lightly which makes my life easier to go to the restroom and so on. On the third day, I got discharged from the hospital because I feel much better and capable of doing my normal routine. However, I removed my stitches after a week therefore I didn't make any contact with water on the knee for a week but I still took shower by tying up plastic around my knee. Now I am completely fine and my knee doesn't hurt at all. 

I Am Going to Medical School Soon
A year ago I did my pre- medical at my university. Getting into medicine degree is a competition in my university where only 200 seats are allocated for the first 200 best students. At first I felt hopeless but as time goes, I work harder and harder because being a doctor is my long time passion and I don't want to give up on my dream. But you know what, my hard work paid off. I got my offer letter from my university like 2 months ago and my intake falls on 23rd August 2016. Hopefully, I can survive throughout my 5 years in medical degree program. I think I might do more post on my college in the future. Make sure to follow my blog if you want to get notify every time I update my blog. 

Thank You for reading, have a nice day :) 

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