Why I decided to go Minimalist ?

Minimalist is an idea where you declutter excessive things around you physically that helps you mentally. It reduces the possessiveness over material which also known as being materialistic. Sad truth, I am a materialistic person and I hate to be that knowing this habit really messing up my life by loosing focus on what is really important in my life.

Very soon, I will be leaving to my university to do my first year in medicine, which means I am staying with my friends that I met during my pre- med year in a dorm together. We are planning to get 4 person per room (means the smallest space that ever you can imagine) because it is the cheapest option in the dorm list. During my pre- medical year I used to bring a lot of stuffs during moving to my dorm. However, most of the stuffs that I bought for my dorm is just cluttering and ended up not using it. I kid you not, I make about 20 travel from the car to my dorm and took hours to set up the whole place. I think the stuff that I brought to my dorm can literally use up the whole space in a small lorry. Click here to see what I brought to my during my pre- med. 

I felt horrible and my life was messed up because there are just too much things that I have to look after and clean it. This really waste my time as well as just making me stressed up basically. A youtuber (Rachel Aust) inspired me of being a minimalist. She is doing a series on her channel called minimalism series and that opens my eyes knowing less is more. I really wanted a simple life with simple things around me which doesn't really clutter my room as well as making me having less thing to clean or worry about. Besides that, this new lifestyle of mine can save a tons of money from spending on unnecessary items instead invest on good and quality things that can last longer. 

Therefore, I am planning to buy less things for my first year medicine which will be in 2 months from today. Hopefully this lifestyle changes the way I look at things and focus on important things on my life without getting distracted. 

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