The Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo Review

Hello Beauties! The Body Shop is not a new brand among the online beauty community. This brand is known for its good quality and eco- friendly products. It can be pricey sometimes, but definitely worth every penny. I wouldn't say all their products are good, as far products I've tried from them, I pretty impressed. Today, I'm going to do a review on this The Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care shampoo.

Keep on reading to know my opinion on the product....

Dandruff is something I suffered in past due to my oily scalp as well as poorly treated water at my dorm. In the past, I tried so many Anti- Dandruff shampoo, but it was a failure. Nothing works on me. Finally, I thought why not I give a shot on this shampoo. I was holding back for so long because of its price point. It is crazy expensive for a shampoo. I'm a college student and I'm poor.

The Body Shop Ginger Scalp Care is a shampoo that claims to removing flaky skin and soothes scalp with its refreshing ginger extract. This shampoo is recommended for dry and flaky scalp. Although I myself has oily scalp I still purchase this product just to try out.

Pros :

  • I do see some improvement 
  • It does last for a very long time 
  • It foams up really good
  • Very small and compact ( travel- friendly )
Cons : 

Where to buy? : The Body Shop Outlet / online
Price : RM 52.00 ( 200 ml ) / RM 79.00 (400 ml ) (varies at different places)
Will I recommend? : Yes, of course.
Rating : 3.8 / 5 


  1. i have used this shampoo before...really felt fresh and clean after washing my hair with this shampoo..but stopped cause the price skyrocketed like crazy..use to buy this at rm30 something for 200ml and now rm50 something...just couldnt burn my wallet for this...

    1. hahaha Hey, I am agree with you but I don't only use this shampoo, I will use this shampoo together with Kerasys shampoo and that really works and saves my budget on this shampoo too :) Thank you for stopping by my blog btw :) have a nice day