My Everyday Lip Colour | Kat Von D Lolita & Tarte Lippie Lingerie in Revealed for NC 45 review

I always like to keep my everyday makeup look really simple and basic for class. I spend most of my time in lab therefore,  I always try to keep my makeup really professional without looking overpowering. I like to rock my brown and nude lipsticks everyday although I do own several other bold colours lipsticks.

Today I'm going to write about my favourite everyday lipsticks in this post... Keep on reading to know more... :-)

First of all..

Kat Von D's Lolita.
Man o' man this colour is absolutely gorgeous. If you ask me this colour really complement for most of the skin tones. For my skin complexion (NC44-45) it looks really natural and not really "nude-ish" kinda lip colour, "if that make sense". It doesn't really dries up or chaps while it on my lips since it is a long -wearing liquid lipstick. The consistency of this liquid lipstick is creamy and it dries up to powdery matte. Pigmentation wise, I will give it an A+ and it doesn't wear off really easily. Usually for me at least, the wearing time would be around 5 hours but really depends on what food I eat throughout my day. Packaging wise, it is pretty basic with Kat Von D gothic theme. Although the price is quite up there, but it is really worth it because it last for a good time.

Where to buy? : Sephora outlet / Sephora online 
Price : RM 99.00 
Will I recommend? : Yes, of course.
Rating : 5 / 5

My next favourite everyday lipstick is Tarte's Lippie Lingerie in the shade Revealed

Have you ever saw girls in Instagram rocking the bold brown lipstick?  It can be overwhelming for some people but if you want to try to wear something similar to that and not too overpowering, try this lipstick instead. It has the most beautiful wearable everyday kinda brownish lip colour. It really suit my complextion (NC44-45) really well. If you have darker complexion this colour would be a great natural lip colour for you. Let's quickly talk about the lipstick for a second. The lipstick comes in form of chubby stick. It is moisturising on your lip. It dries up semi matte but not completely matte like the Kat Von D Lolita liquid lipstick that I mention before this. It does last on your lips pretty decent amount of time. For me it lasts like 3 hours if I'm not eating anything during that period of time. Obviously, it is not as long lasting as the Kat Von D lipstick but it does it's job since it doesn't even claim to be a long lasting lipstick. Anyways, in this lipstick it claims to have alot of good nutrients to it which is good. Overall, I think both my lipstick is good and I'm glad I purchase them.

Where to buy? : Sephora outlet / Sephora online 
Price : RM 85.00
Will I recommend? : Yes, of course.
Rating : 4.5 / 5

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