Review on B.liv Off With Those Heads

Hi ! Thank you for stopping by. Today I'm going to review on the B.Liv Off With Those Heads. Before we start with the review, let me give a quickly give a gist about my skin. I have normal to combination skin type. I prone to get acne on my T-Zone especially on my nose. Off with Those Heads is a blackhead and whitehead sebum gel which removes blackheads and whiteheads without the need for painful squeezing or extractionOff With Those Heads are really beneficial for those who have oily to combination skin since they tend to get more breakout as well as clogged pores. I don't recommend if you have dry or sensitive skin type.

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Price and Packaging
Packaging wise, it is really pretty and sturdy. The bottle itself is like a sanitizer bottle, 15ml in size (they have 30ml and 45ml). It is made of a sturdy plastic and the best part is they have a pump which is really hygienic. I really like their packaging. Price wise, it is little more to the expensive side, but you get what you paid for. This product does work and if you really suffering from acne, oily, white and black heads this product would be your holy grail.

Off with Those Heads have a serum like texture not too watery and not too jelly. It doesn't really foam up like cleanser but once you rub you should feel a tingling and cooling sensation. Finally, it removes excessive oil and well as whiteheads and blackheads.

How do I use
I normally use this product twice a week. Firstly, I cleanse my face using my cleanser that I normally use. Next, I apply my facial toner and following by 2 pumps of B. live Off With Those Heads serum and finish up with my moisutrizer.

What do I feel
After several usages of this product, I don't see any allergic reaction and side effect till now. This product does reduce my oiliness as well as my whiteheads. I really recommend for those who have issues with whiteheads and blackheads. It also helps in reducing oiliness and acne since it has tree tea oil ( an anti-acne property ). 

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Where to buy? : SASA, Zalora or  check out here
Price : RM  99.00 ( check out their website for more awesome discount ) 
Will I recommend? : Yes, of course.
Rating : 4 / 5

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