My Eyelash Extension Experience | DePeris, Ipoh Review

I have less eyelash naturally. I always wanted long and full eyelash. Therefore, I decided to do my first-ever eyelash extension. Honestly, it was nerve wracking for me since  I never did anything to my face before like this. Like everybody else, I myself googled where is the best place in Ipoh to do my eyelash extension. The first result popped out was the DePeris which located at 16, Hala Datuk 5, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

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The workers there are really friendly and understanding. First, I did my facial there, it was pretty ok. Now let's talk about my experience on my first time eyelash extension. First of all, it took heck a lot of time to complete the session. It takes me about 2 hours just for the 3d eyelash extension. (They have 3d eyelash extension = natural; 5d = have length and volume as well and finally 6d = the most full and lengthy eyelash.)

They patiently place the eyelash extensions on my natural eyelash one by one using a glue. They asked me to close my eye tightly and I did there for the whole 2 hours. They placed a white tape under my eyebrow to prevent any fall which really irritated my eyes for the whole 2 hours.

After the session was complete, they showed me a mirror to look my new eyelash extension. The first thing I noticed was, my eyes were fire red. I immediately got scared and my eyes were watery and irritated. I thought this will last only for few minutes, but my guess was wrong. It continues till the next 2 days. My eyes were burning and swelling. I used bought eye drops and medication from the pharmacy. After that, I started to notice my eyes inflammation and swelling reduced. I think antihistamine eye drops with Nicol eye drops and a tablet for inflammation. I'm guessing the glue they used really irritated my eyes and I don't recommend this eyelash extension for people who have sensitive and dry eyes like mine.

However, the result is pretty amazing. It does stay for quite sometimes but if you really take care of your extension, it probably will last even longer. Now, my lashes are like bits and pieces. Definitely not as full as before, but I'm okay with my current eyelash look since it is more natural-looking. If you ask me, will I do eyelash extension again? The answer is no.

Venue : DePeris 16, Hala Datuk 5, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.
Price: RM  120.00
Will I recommend? : Yes, if your eyes are not sensitive and dry like mine. 
Rating : 2 / 5

*** quick update, my eyelash only last on my eyes like 2 and half weeks. The lady in the salon said it can last till a month. Maybe I'm just bad taking care of my lashes. Plus, the lady didn't even tell me how to take care the lashes to increase their longevity but she did say don't rub the towel too hard against my face. But they did give me a warranty for me to retouch my eyelash after 1 week. However, I didn't go for the retouch because I love my eyeballs. 

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