Review on Lazenda jewellery

One day, when I scroll through my Facebook, I found out about Lazenda Jewellery. I instantly fell in love with their name necklace. So, I go to their site to order myself a name necklace with my name on. The ordering process was easy and it doesn't take me much time. However, the only downside was it take a very long time for me to get my necklace ( a month after order ). I couldn't blame the company also, because it is claimed to be handmade, so I understand it is not a big manufacture using big machines to make these pieces of jewellery.

Now let's start with our review today.... continue reading to know what is my thought on this... 


The packaging is pretty cute. It could be a perfect gift for someone special too. It comes with a big brown box with a text written " Handmade with love Lazenda". When I opened the box the first thing I saw is a small goodie bag, a box, and a name card. Inside the goodie bag, I saw they sent me a cute watch. Next, I opened the box where my actual necklace which I ordered came in. The necklace looks pretty good and we talk about the necklace itself later on. Finally, I also got 2 name cards inside the box. 


I ordered my necklace in rose gold. You can choose your preference font and material like rose gold, silver, platinum, or gold. You also can choose the type of the chain you want for your necklace. It is like you fully customizable necklace which I really like about it. The length of the necklace is adjustable. Now, for the quality of the necklace itself, it is a good quality necklace. It doesn't feel too heavy to wear and not too light to feel really cheap. It weights just nice. It doesn't oxidise in any way till now. But on the website, it stated that this necklace can oxidise in the future, they actually stated there it can sent back to them for re-platting. Click here to read more details regarding this product. I recommend you guys to not to wear whenever you know that you going to wear in the water. I also don't recommend you guys to wear this necklace full time including when you taking shower while wearing this necklace as this necklace can become oxidise faster than it should be oxidise. 

Where to buy? :
Price : I bought mine at RM94.00 (DISCOUNT) but now it is RM 108.00
Will I recommend? : Yes, of course.
Rating : 4 / 5

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