My Honest Review on Mon Cheri Lily Collection Skincare Set

I'm having my finals in just a week. If you ask me how do I feel? My answer is "pretty stressful" obviously. No matter how much busy I am preparing for my finals. I always dedicate at least 5 minutes to take care of my skin. Currently, I'm using these products from The Mon Cheri Lily Collection Set. If you want to know what is my thoughts on these products...

Then, keep on reading...

Under their Lily Collection, they have products for all types of skin and mine was normal to combination.

They have products for:

  •  normal to combination 
  •  dry and sensitive
  •  oily skin
  •  ageing and sun damaged skin 


Can we take this moment and appreciate their packaging. The packaging of this Lily Collection Set comes in a magnetic pink sturdy box with their logo and product name wrote beautifully on top. When I opened the box, the first thing I saw is a piece of paper covered and a product information leaflet placed underneath. The next thing I saw was how neatly and secured the products were arranged in the box.

Needly arranged into its own compartment. 

It locked the cleanser securely. It is pretty handy-dandy for travelling. 

The stopper is really helpful. It prevents the toner from any spillage.

Gentle Cleanser

I usually use this cleanser every morning since it is pretty gentle on my skin. If you wondering? No,  this cleanser is not ideal to remove heavy makeup. It is a pretty gentle cleanser that helps you to cleanse your face. I also realise that, after I washed my face, it leaves a soft and moisturised feeling. 

transparent coloured and gel like consistency. I usually use two pumps for my whole face. 


My favourite thing about this moisturiser is the fact this moisturiser absorbs into my skin really well and doesn't leave the greasy feeling on my skin. Besides that, it also leaves a wonderful smell.

it came with a spatula, very hygienic 

the moisturiser is not too thick in consistency

After blending the moisturiser, my skin feels smooth 


This toner is feeling pretty nice on skin whenever I applied. It tightens my pores and leaves my skin supple and brighten my overall complexion. 

I apply this toner using a cotton pad


Overall, I think Lily Collection from Mon Cheri is pretty good. I've got here the travel or "mini" sized version. They also have full-size Lily collection set. I personally think that it is a bit pricey, if you are finding something for more economical for everyday use, then these are not the one. However, for the price point, is it worth it? If you really concern about your skin, then yes. 

Where to buy? : MonCheri online
Price: RM 128.00
Gentle Cleanser: 80ml
Toner: 50ml
Moisturiser: 30ml
Would I recommend? : Yes 

***This post is sent to me, but the review is genuinely from my experience and thought...

*** Thank you for spending your time and read this post. If you have any question feel free to leave them down in the comment section below***


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