7 tips to survive the first year in Medical School

Hey, guys, it took me a very long time to update about my life. If you are new to my blog, Hi! my name is Priya and I'm a second-year medical student studying in Aimst University, Kedah.  I just completed my first year in medical school. So, I thought of sharing my experience and give some tips for surviving the first year in medical school.

1. Do not clutter your space

It is easy to get distracted when you shopping for your dorm or you just got influenced by youtube dorm haul videos. Don't get me wrong, I myself love to watch those videos on youtube. However, sometimes it's good to think whether is it necessary to spend a lot of money for just decorating your dorm. Besides that, if you clutter your dorm with lots of stuff, you ended up cleaning more than you should. When you are busy studying, the last thing in your mind will be cleaning your room and if you have lots of things in your dorm it is easy to accumulate the dust and gives you hard time to clean. Make sure you provide enough space for you to do your work or study.

2. Be patient with buying textbooks

I know how excited to finally get into medical school, but don't let yourself go and buy all the textbooks. Attend the classes first to know what are you going to study and what books they are suggesting you to use. Besides that, also know the method you are going to study because if you are a person like me, I don't really use the textbook that often. Most of the time, I just go to the library and borrow the book I need or watch some awesome youtube videos or online tutorial to understand. 

3. Competition is everywhere

Being in a medical school means you probably going to be surrounded by people who are smart and very competitive. At one point you will feel the pressure just to get good grades in your exam to be stand out. My advice here would be, just go at your own pace. The only thing that matter is you pass the exam and move on to the next year. 

4. Forget about the holidays

This is really depressing. I didn't went back to my hometown for a couple of holidays just because I have to study for the upcoming exam. This is a really sad and stressful situation. Remember after you have decided to become a doctor, you shouldn't be thinking of holidays at the first place. So, guys, you have to sacrifice certain things in your life when you get into the medical school. 

5. Don't compare yourself with other people

There are people who able to study fast and some people like me study slower. It doesn't matter just go at your own pace, I'm sure you will be good. At one point, you will see people performing very well in their exam and it can be your own best friend, just be happy for them and work harder. There is no reason for being jealous because everyone is in medical school to study. Remember it doesn't mean people who are performing well in their exam are going to be the good doctor and it doesn't mean people who are performing average in their exam are going to be the bad doctor. No such thing, it is purely your passion, skills and your attitude that going to define you as a good doctor. 

6. Use your time wisely

Time is really precious in medical school. 24 hours is not enough in a day for you to study for a test. Make sure to plan ahead and be consistent. Don't procrastinate and study at the eleventh hour. 

7. Stay sane

Always make a little time in the weekend for yourself. Go out and watch a movie or go the gym and work out. It is not possible for a human to sit 24/7 and study. We do need a mental and physical break. Talk to your friends or go travel somewhere you always wanted to go. Remember you are only going to waste your youth in your medical school if you are going to study 24/7. It is really important to check your bucket list and have fun. 

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