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Hey you guys, It's been ages since I done another blogging tips post on my blog. I really think sharing is caring. I love to share my blogging tips with my audience so they can get inspired to write a blog and build this blogging community.  I am not by any means a professional photographer. I just started from the scratch and I just work with what I have with me now. 

So quickly, the camera I'm using is iPhone 7. I feel like I still not ready to get a big camera because it is expensive and I'm just doing blogging as a hobby and expand my creativity more than as a career. 

I always make sure my picture in my blog is bright and clean. Props are really important for your photograph, especially if you are doing product review like me. This captivates the readers with beautiful pictures rather than just a plain product on top of your desk. Add in some props and cool background for more character and that gives an aesthetic to your blog. 

Good lighting is the key. Especially if you are taking a picture with your phone camera, lighting is the key to make a picture look professional. With bad lighting, the picture just going to be grainy and less attractive. 

For editing, I use Snapseed on my phone and what I like about the Snapseed app is their curve feature. I love to use them because they give like a professional photoshop editing effect and it is really good if your lighting is not balanced especially when you use sunlight as a lighting source. Other than that, I love to use Picmonkey online to add watermark to my photos. 

So, that's it guys. As simple as that. Remember it is not important to have a big fancy camera for you to run a blog. Of course, if you are feeling that you want to take your blogging to the next level, then you can splurge on them. However, If you are just starting a blog or you just doing blogging as a hobby like me, then big cameras is not that necessary unless you can afford it or you just really want it. 

Once again, guys Thank You for reading and hope this post inspires you to start a blog or motivates you as a blogger. Bubbye... 


  1. Thank you for your tips, it was so useful
    Love from germany