Saphir Shoe Leather Conditioner + Horse Hair Dauber Brush Review + PROMO CODE

If you own yourself a leather good you will experience cracks started to form after quite sometimes of usage. This is because naturally, leather items can last really long time but as time goes, it does wear off little by little. Usually leather can be pretty expensive on market so, it is best to preserve our leather goods nicely to prevent us to throw them away. Today I am here to review on an amazing Saphir Renovateur Leather cleaner and conditioner from Shoe Tree Project. 

Saphir Renovateur Leather Cleaner & Conditioner is a gold medal-winning product in the Paris Fair of 1925. Yes! This premium Saphir leather care collection is shipped all the way from France and it is generally regarded as the number one leather care brand internationally, however, it is hard to find around. 

Before I start with the product review itself let me briefly tell you about the importance of using Saphir Renovateur Leather Cleaner & Conditioner for your leather good:

1. It helps to moisturise to make it smooth and supple. The mink oil in the conditioner helps to reduce the wrinkle and cracks of your leather. 

2. Saphir Renovateur Leather Cleaner & Conditioner, as the name suggested, it has a mild cleaning property for the leather by removing the dust and dirt. It allows to unclog the pores of the leather and absorb the oil for its conditioning benefits. 

3. The conditioner itself is super duper rich and creamy. You probably need only a little to use for your entire shoe. As a result, you probably going to save a lot of product and money. 

4. It is a non-toxic product because it is made from the all natural ingredients. Saphir Renovateur suitable for a whole range of different leathers like calfskin, croc, ostrich and even horse. 

5. It is also very easy to use. Since it is an all natural product, you don't need to worry to use your fingers to apply the product. However, if you wish to use an applicator to apply the conditioner, another best way to apply the conditioner easy and evenly with this Horse Hair Dauber Brush. It is a very luxury feeling brush that applies the conditioner easily while keeping your hand clean. I personally love to apply the Saphir Renovateur Leather cleaner with this Horse Hair Dauber brush for even and smooth application. Plus, no messy fingers !!! 

So, today I'm here to review this amazing Saphir Renovateur Leather Cleaner & Conditioner to my lovely readers and give them a special discount voucher if they use code PRIYABLOG for 10% off on any purchase. 

Product Review

First of all the packaging, the conditioner comes with looks sleek and compact. It is not too bulky or heavy which is convenient for travelling. 

The texture of the conditioner itself feels smooth and creamy. Easily glide on and apply evenly. 

So now is the real deal, Does this conditioner actually works? 

Well, of course. I love how my leather watch strap that has a lot of cracks and wrinkles appear more smooth and supple after one use of this conditioner. I choose to use my leather watch strap because that is the most worn out leather item I have since I wear the watch almost every day. What I notice immediately my black leather watch strap appear more black and matte. I love how it makes the colour looks vibrant and the texture looks supple. 

The Horse Hair Dauber Brush is really soft to touch and felt really luxury. The bristles are really soft but they are not shedding. The brush actually made my job even easier. It applies smooth and evenly without messing up my fingers. 

Do I recommend this product? Of course, if you own leather items, it is worth to invest in since it is going to prevent your leather from worn off. It is always best to protect and maintain them with a good conditioner like the Saphir Renovateur Leather Cleaner & Conditioner. 

I hope you guys have learned something from today's blog post. If you have any suggestion or question feel free to leave a comment down. I will get back to you. Till then, Have a nice day. ^_^

Saphir Renovateur Leather Cleaner & Conditioner: Click here to shop  (RM 90.86)
Horse Hair Dauber Brush : Click here to shop ( RM 64.57 )

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