Philips Simply SalonCurl HP8600 Review

Hello there beautifuls, I'm back once again with a different post. I am here today to share with you guys my opinion on Philips Simply SalonCurl curler. This going to be fully review on the curler. I will be doing How I Curl my hair post very soon. It has been scheduled.

Philips Simply SalonCurl is claimed to create Natural bouncy curls. It has 32 mm barrel and it is gentle to your hair due to protective ceramic coating on the barrel. Plus, it doesn't kinks your hair because it has a short curling clip design.

So let's see what I am thinking about this. After I've been using this for twice. I can't really tell what is my opinion overall. However, for now I think that this is a pretty decent curling iron. I don't curl my hair every single day. I think this curler is come in handy whenever I need to curl. This really doesn't damage my hair. It does create a beautiful wavy loose curls. It leaves my hair a bit shiny. To be honest, sometimes I do face difficulty to curl my hair because of it's short curling clip design, maybe hair is kind a thick.

It took like 1 minute to heat up which is quite nice. I usually hold my curls for 10-20 seconds varies the part of my hair and how large I section it.  You know what makes me to curl easier, it's tip of the barrel for me to hold and kind a rest my arm by holding in the hole. I don't find out this curl can hold that long. Maybe for my hair it just hold about 2-3 hours with hair spray. Finer hair can hold better in my opinion. It also has the "connector" which joins the curling iron and the cord which can spin. This is great because it makes the whole process easier. My curler iron wire don't get tangled.

It has very standard setting. (|) means on and (0) means off. When it switched on, the indicator light up in purple which I think it is cute. The price is quite reasonable. It is also travel- friendly. This curler is came with a small bag pouch for the curler for travelling or storing. It also has an approximately 1 meter long cord which come in handy where my main plug is quite far from my dressing table. 

Brand: Philips
Made in : China
Colour : Black, Purple, White
Price : RM 88
Sold at : Pretty much any electronic shops or any supermarket ( I bought mine from AEON )

Pros :- Made from ceramic ( doesn't cause any damage to my hair )
         - Easy to manage
         - Travel friendly
         - Creates nice shiny natural bouncy curls. 
         - Heats up very fast ( 60 seconds )
         - Long cord

Cons :- Doesn't hold my curls as long as I expected
          - Is is quite hard to curl with the short curling clips design due to my thick hair. 

Overall : I think this is a good curling iron. The price is quite reasonable and doesn't damage hair which is very important.

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  1. Thanks for the review but I prefer my Karmin curler.