It's been long time since I updated my blog. The reason for that is because I was too busy completing my second semester. Finally, I am on my semester break, where I have plenty of time to concentrate on my blog. So, today I have a post about my dorm. I am living in a dorm of 4 person per room. My house is miles away from the place I'm currently studying at. If you are wondering where I am studying ? it is at the Aimst University. It is a medical university since my passion is doing medicine. I'm currently doing my pre- medical there. To be honest it is not as easily as you think it is. But somehow, surrounding with good friends and good environment I'm working through it. Long story short, here is some of my pictures of my dorm room.

This is the bed that I sleep every night. It is not as comfortable as in our own home obviously, but I made it looks comfortable for my comfort. I've bought the bedding cover at Parkson and this brand is called Akademi and I bought this bedding for RM 320 something, I can't remember. The reason why this bedding cover looks simple but expensive because of its material it is so comfortable like seriously and it comes with the blanket but I don't use the blanket because it can get very hot in my dorm since I'm not staying in the air conditioned room.

The next is my cupboard. I try to always use my cupboard space wisely because I have quite a number of clothes and I'm a very bad at keeping my clothes neatly all the time. I've bought some organizer like the "purple box" as can see in the picture from AEON. A box costs around RM 30. I got 4 for myself. Another organizer that I hanged is from MR. DIY. It costs like RM 15. The hangers are from the MR. DIY too, it is quite cheap but sturdy. The small drawer I bought from local store at my place but I don't really remember the price of it.

Finally, this is the picture of my desk. Well, it look overwhelming right ? I keep a lot of things at my desk because I don't really use my desk as my study space. I usually study at library until night so, I seldom use the space there, therefore I don't really mind cluttering my desk with some extra stuffs. Most of my things on my desk and in my drawer are from Daiso and the stationaries are from the Popular Bookstore. I love to put some photographs of my family because I often miss them a lot. I wrapped my table with cute gift wrapper since it looks boring before this. I own tons of sharpies and coloured pens since I am a hoarder. I don't really use them but just for display purpose. Other than that, I have a makeup mirror which I bought from Tesco and a table lamp from AEON which costs like RM 80. Other than that, all other things are my own stuff and mostly are books and other random stuffs.

If any of you are searching for inspiration to decorate your room or just figuring out what things you need buy for your dorm, hopefully you got some ideas from this blog post. Especially for those people who wants to come over to Aimst University, who are curious about the dorm, this sneak peek would helped you a lot. If you have any question, don't hesitate to drop your question down the comment section below. All the best for your new dorm life :)

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