10 things that I learnt in my Pre- Med

1. Use time wisely

Time management is the key here to get your work done. Know what is important to you that you and have to do that first and what is less important to you that you that you can do it later. Long story short, know what to prioritise.
As for me,  I want to get a good CGPA in order  to get into the medical school. Therefore, I have to make sure that I spend more time to study than to do other activities. Plus, I am personally a slow reader and learner compared to some of my friends who are fast learner and I must read and do a lots of notes in order to understand something. Therefore, I have to spare more time to study compared to my friends. Don't regret on your exam day saying you should spend more time to focus on this or that, no one can help you even yourself.

2. Always do your homework and try out all questions that you lecturer gave you to do

Most of the time, whatever material or question that your lecturer gave you during your tutorial or your lecture, must be very important. Possibilities are some of these questions will be coming out in your exam. It is not very hard to try questions. If you don't really know how to do it, you always can go and ask your lecturer for help. Please don't procrastinate doing your homework knowing your lecturer won't check just because you are in college now. If you don't do your homework given by your lecturer, you are the one who going to loose not your lecturer.

3. Assignment is important

Assignment carries extra coursework marks for your finals. Don't lost that mark just because you procrastinate or just being lazy to do that assignment. This marks can help to get A from B, REMEMBER THAT!

4. Attend all the classes whether it is boring or exciting

Sometimes we just want our beauty sleep especially in the mornings but our grades is much more important than that. My advice here is always attend your class no matter how lazy or tired you are. If you miss 2 hours of your lecture you will loose about half of the chapter that taught on that day. Make sure you attend to know some tips from your lecturer because they will inform which subtopics or parts are important for your exam by asking you to focus more on that. If you are really sick and you are unable to attend the class, make sure you show your MC to your lecturer they will try their best to teach you personally. Don't worry they will understand. But make sure you do a little bit of studying before you go and ask your lecturer to teach the parts you missed.

5. Choose your friends wisely

Some people prefer studying alone but some people prefer study with their friends. No matter what it is always good to have a good relationship with some friends that you always can ask any doubt when you studying. Make sure you choose a friend who have a same mentality as you. EXAMPLE : If you have a mentality of being serious in your studies don't choose a friend who loves to party hard. This never going to help you in anyway. Choose someone who are willing to share their knowledge with you. Make sure to stay away from people who are discouraging, comparing and competing by bringing your stress into you when you studying. This kind of person usually bring negative vibration into you while you are studying and making you getting distracted.

6. Try pass year exam papers

Always find for pass year papers to practice. We never know the question in your coming exam will be recycled from the pass year exam papers. If can, you always can ask some past year questions from your lecturers to practice. If they seeing your dedication towards your revision or studies in general, they are willing to help you too. So, don't afraid to go up to ask your lecturers.

7. Studying method 

Know your studying method. Some people are able to learn by just reading straight away from text book or lecture notes from their computer screen. This kind of people are having passive studying technique. People like myself, usually prefer for more visual studying method, like doing notes and draw diagram to understand. I personally couldn't study from computer screen but have to print every single lecture notes to study. This can actually can consume more time to do, so make sure you are able to manage your time according to your study method. This kind of people having active studying technique. Besides that, some people need to study alone in the library but some people prefer studying in a group. Always know what works for you.

8. Eat healthy and have a healthy lifestyle.

Eat healthy and have healthy lifestyle because you can easily go off track and gain weight. Always eat right and do your exercise as much as possible if you can get that time. Don't eat too much of junk food and fast food. Try to get more healthier snack to munch on if that's the case. Eating too much of unhealthy food can slow down your memory power and concentration too. Make sure you eat the right food and exercise regularly too stay healthy physically and mentally.

9. Keep organise

Make sure you organise your homework because  you can easily loose your worksheet if you have a lot of them. File them up properly so you can use them when you need.

10. Ask your help from your lecturer

As I mentioned before in my earlier point, ask your lecturer whenever you can. I always fix an appointment personally with my lecturers so I can go to their office to ask any questions. But if you prefer to ask them in class then just go ahead and do that. Don't be scared to ask them any question because that is their job, to help their students.

Hope some of this things that I learnt from my pass experience would be helpful for some of you. If you have any tips to share make sure to comment down to share them.

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