May 2016 Favourites - Monthly Favourites

May has just passed by like a bullet train. June is here that means another monthly favourite post on my blog. It is very fun for me to write about my favourite things on my blog because it is not only about sharing things that I love for the past month to my readers but also discovering a lot of new amazing products that I love. Therefore, these are some of my favourites for the month May 2016:

Favourite Makeups 

-Sephora Collection Colourful blush

Sephora blush is one of the underrated products at least in the internet world. I feel this blush deserve some attention too because of its great pigmentation and how amazing it applies. The colour I bought is "Oh My Gosh!" in No. 10. It is an absolutely amazing warm peach colour which really compliments my skin tone ( NC 44 -45 ). I really like to wear this blush colour for my everyday look since it really gives me a little bit of flush of colour, as well as a little bit of warmth to my face.

  • Where to buy ? : Sephora outlet, Sephora online
  • Price : RM 59.00

-ZOEVA brushes

Recently I made a post reviewing on ZOEVA Volume 1 brush set. After I use it for several times, I can give my opinion on that brush set. Although I didn't enjoy throughly each and every brush in that set, I have couple of my favourite brushes from that set which been a game changing in my makeup routine.

  • 104 Buffer brush : RM 121. 00
  • 317 Wing Liner : RM 58. 00
  • 142 Concealer Buffer : RM 84. 00
  • 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek : RM 125.00
  • Where to Buy ? : Sephora Outlet / Sephora Online

-AVON's Ultra Matte Lipsticks 

Previously,  I wrote a first impression post on the new AVON's Ultra Matte Lipsticks. I couldn't believe these lipsticks could be my favourite at this point. If you read on the post that I wrote before, you might know that I bought 3 shades from that collection. I would say my favourite shades are Ruby Kiss and Wild Cherry. I feel these both shades compliment my skin tone pretty good. The formula of these lipsticks are unbelievable. It is matte and hydrating. I don't feel my lips get chapped while and even after wearing these lipsticks through out the day. This lipsticks are so comfortable which gives me the feeling that I don't have any lipsticks on my lips while I wearing it.

  • Price : RM 21.90
  • Where to Buy : AVON outlet, with any AVON dealer, AVON online

Favourite Skin Care 

- Face Cleaning Brush 

If you have been following my blog for quite some times, you might read my older post on this face cleaning brush. I think this is some sort like the popular Clarisonic. However this is way cheaper than that and I personally feel it will work the same way. Although this thing is not as fancy or high- tech as the Clarisonic, it does do its job well cleaning my pores and remove dirt or makeup thoroughly. Whenever I wear my foundation on my face, I couldn't remove my foundation from my pores even though I use makeup remover and face cleanser to wash off, but his guy helps me to remove all of my foundation from my pores and cleans my face nicely.

  • Where to buy : Watsons
  • Price : RM 23. 00

-St . Ives Apricot Scrub

I bet you have heard about this brand before this. I enjoy using this on my face every other day to exfoliate and clean my face. This one in particular is the deep cleanse which I don't recommend to the people who have sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin try go for a more gentle exfoliating scrub. This does it job (exfoliating), smells nice and doesn't irritate my skin since I don't have sensitive skin.

  • Where to buy : Watsons, Guardian, Tesco, AEON 
  • Price : RM 19. 90

Favourite Shows and Movie

  • I recently fall in love with a reality show " Say Yes to the Dress " in DIVA / TLC channel. I find this show is emotional as well as entertaining to watch while I'm munching my snacks after my dinner. Besides that, recently I went to watch a movie called "24"  in the cinema. It is an Tamil ( Bollywood ) movie. I find the storyline is different and interesting to watch, plus my favourite actor is acting in that movie, so of course I went and watch it at the cinema.  

Favourite Songs of the Month

  • I downloaded some new songs in my iPhone playlist. Adele - Send My love , Drake - One Dance and Justin Bieber - Sorry been my jam for the past month. I hear to this songs when I'm in the gym to make myself entertained and alive while working out.  
Hope you guys like this monthly favourites post on my blog. If you guys interested in my beauty and lifestyle blog make sure to follow this blog to get the notification every time you log into your google. Hope you have a happy and wonderful day. Thank You.

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