What's on my Iphone 7 plus + Review of The Dairy Phone Case

I really excited when I got my iPhone 7 plus like a month ago. I really like the whole matte black design in the new iPhone. I really like the quality of the camera. So, that's all my thoughts on my new iPhone 7 plus.

Now let's see what is actually on my iPhone.

As you can see I'm not the most organise people in the world but I am trying to be one... 😅 😂
Now let's see what is my opinion on my new Dairy Phone Case that I received via the post

I was inspired by a Youtuber named after Rachel Aust who designed this phone case on the Dairy. Her collection name is called Ink. She designed minimalistic phone case design which really my kind of cup of tea. I really love black and white in general. When I saw this phone case on the Dairy webpage, I immediately sold on that.

The phone case itself is pretty sturdy. It has the rubbery flexible bumper with the hard surface at the back. I ordered the phone case with the armoured so it is extra protective where it has a rubber layer inside the case which gives an extra protection. It is pretty nice to held in the hand. Not slippery and not easily get dirty. Easy to clean and really protective.

The only downside for me is, it took around 3-4 weeks to reach to me via Australian post because I live in Malaysia. If you live in Australia, it might not take this long for you to receive your parcel. Plus, for international shipping the tracking order system is unavailable which makes me hard to know when I would get my parcel since I'm living on my campus which makes me walk to post office back and forth every time hoping my parcel has arrived.

Where to buy? : The Diary Webpage 
Price: AUD$ 50 or RM 170 
Will I recommend? : Yes, of course.
Rating : 4.5 / 5