Kat Von D | Lock it Setting Powder review

Hey guys, I'm back again with another makeup review, this time I'm going to do a quick review on the Kat Von D Lock it setting powder. First of all, I have been eyeing on this product for the longest time after saw many reviews on blogs and Youtube videos. Therefore, today I am inspired to write my own review on this powder. 

Love the packaging, came in a pretty box and the container itself made out of a sturdy plastic material. However, I didn't see any sponge given for this powder. Other than that, no issues.

The texture of the powder really fine and surprisingly it has a reflective glitter when you see it in the jar or in your hand. However, when you blend on your face it doesn't show it. It looks matte. The finishing of this powder is more towards a velvet-matte, not the matte-matte which can be drying or settle down in your creases. Hope that makes sense!! I do notice after I do my makeup, my place gets really messy because the powder flies everywhere. But hey!! that's what most of the setting powder does too. 

On pictures, it looks great. I look great in natural daylight or with a flash (indoor). For my woman and man in colours, this doesn't give that ashy grey white cast. However, it can be ashy if you really had deeper skin tone cause it doesn't have the strong yellow tint like Laura Mercier setting powder.  Other than that, It gives a smooth appearance when you set your undereye concealer. 

Natural Day Light - Left : KVD Powder Right: No powder

Natural Day light - Left : KVD powder Right : No powder

Natural Light- Left : KVD Powder Right : No powder

Indoor flash light - Left : KVD Powder Right: No powder

Overall, I think this is a good setting powder, doesn't wow me but it is a pretty decent product to use. You can use it to just set under eye concealer and face or to bake for more glam look. I honestly wish their yellow tint could be stronger like the LM powder or the Sacha buttercup powder but since this the only shade(translucent) they have there's no more choice for me to choose from. Btw, I'm NC 43 in MAC. and Y425 in Makeup Forever HD. I hope this will help some of you who going to buy or thinking to buy this powder. Have a nice day. 

Where to buy : Sephora stores, sephora.my
Price : RM 150 (19g), RM 74 (5.4g)

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